Monday, August 26, 2019

Yep I'm back

Hi everyone! I was going to continue my old blog but thought I'd start fresh here!  

I've decided to take a different take on blogging.  Im going to start blogging what I'm passionate about which is our world and how it is viewed by me and the masses and different issues plaguing us as human beings.

Let me first provide you with my vision of an ideal world or society... And with that being said I've realized that I "must be" a socialist with my beliefs at least according to Google however I don't like labels because that implies conformity and I've also realized that I'm a total non-conformist that has been trying to conform my whole life.  I don't fit into a category.  Put it this way I was a homeless drug addict for 2 years and I didn't fit in with the homeless and I didn't fit in with the normis (my definition of normis is those who go to work, have a home and a "responsible upstanding citizens" according to the social norm).  

So back to my vision of an ideal world/society... This would be a place where food and housing are free - an individual would be required to work for better housing, clothing, cars, jewelry and all the fancy things one could want but basic human needs like food and shelter would be free.  That's it not too big of a dream but a dream nonetheless.  

So... I'm throwing my feelers out there to see if there's any interest in this blog at all.  What I'll be discussing is homelessness, hunger, spirituality, addiction, being a parent and other things so like share repeat whatever let me know you are interested and we can go from there.  Also, if there's something specific you want me to put on this blog let me know!!

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