Saturday, December 7, 2019

Sorry For The Delay

So I know it has been a long time since I posted and I intended for this blog to be regular and still do I'm just going through a lot at the moment.  Case in point - today we will be getting the notice that they are selling my moms house due to foreclosure.  My mom has been running around trying to pack the house up and I've been trying to avoid the situation like the plague;  but now shit is getting real.  I have barriers set up against me to work - there is a warrant for my arrest in Austin, TX and there is a 10 year gap in my resume.  I was on disability for 5 years (SSDI) - then the powers that be said nope your no longer disabled so HAHAHA we take it away (Feb 2017) and I've been denied twice for disability since Nov 2018. 

I guess my plan of action is, if all goes to shit, I will go to Austin to turn myself in so that I can get that taken care of - I feel like it is all I can do because I can't work to earn the money to pay the ticket.

I was so excited to get on here to go through my spiritual journey with the 1 or 2 people that actually read this - and I intend to share this with y'all still.  There is just so much going on I don't know what to post and from what I have read you have to get a subject and stick to it with a blog - well I'm One Fucked Up Individual so I can't just get a subject and stick to it so it is what it is.

As far as my spiritual journey, I have said for years about the entertainment industry being a means to distract the human race by entertaining us and wow lookie there I was right - it's funny when you find out you are not totally crazy.  They have been trying to make people like me look like nuts for a long time - but now the nuts are speaking up and it feels amazing - but it can be bothersome too.  Like everything to me now is a conspiracy I feel like Mel Gibson in that movie Conspiracy Theory.  I worry that they are going to start looking at my posts and watching me following me in those black cars with black tinted windows like in Texas LOL - no that's not funny there are actual people in Austin that just fuck with you to drive you crazy!  Yeah I know sounds crazy but it is true!

So starting in January I was going to do the SELF 2020 challenge - however now that we are probably going to have to be out of this house in January my SELF 2020 challenge will be Challenging mySELF to take mySELF jail 2020. UGH FML but still trying to stay positive because negativity just breeds negative energy which will just make the situation worse.  Prayers positive energy and love are appreciate and always sent out to those who read and those who don't if we could embrace more love and positive energy (and THC) the world would be amazing!!

Love and Positivity to You!!! 

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